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The physicians at Colorectal Surgical Associates are committed to providing the best and most up to date medical care and procedures regarding colon and rectal disorders. We pride ourselves in providing minimally invasive procedures such as da Vinci Robotic surgery, laparoscopic procedures, TEMs (Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery) to minimize patient’s discomfort, and significantly reduce the healing time. The Pelvic Floor Center provides our patients with non-surgical alternatives for pelvic floor dysfunctions such as:



When To Be Concerned About Constipation

Should we be moving our bowels every single day? Should we do it at the same time every day? What if we don’t go to the bathroom for two days in a row,

Colon Cancer Recurrence: What You Need To Know

For cancer patients, the only thing worse than being diagnosed with cancer is being told you now have a cancer recurrence.

Colon Cancer Screenings: 45 Is The New 50

Several well-known medical entities have updated their colon cancer screening recommendations from age 50 to 45 for those with average risk.

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